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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions webshop
Studio Snowpuppe VOF

Applicability of these terms
1.1 By ordering, the customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of Studio Snowpuppe. Studio Snowpuppe has the right to change the General Terms and Conditions after the expiry of the term. We cannot accept any liability for the consequences of textual errors.

Offers and Agreements
2.1 All offers made on the Studio Snowpuppe website are without obligation until the purchase agreement is concluded.

The purchase agreement between Studio Snowpuppe and the customer is concluded as follows:

The customer places an order via the webshop.
If the product is in stock, the customer will receive the order confirmation by e-mail, including any shipping costs. At this moment the purchase agreement has been concluded and the product is ‘reserved’ by the customer until payment has been received by Studio Snowpuppe.
If the information on the order confirmation is incorrect or if the customer wants to change the order, he must send an e-mail to Studio Snowpuppe within 24 hours. After the expiry of this period, it is assumed that the buyer acknowledges the order confirmation as correct.

2.2 When receiving items that have not been ordered, the customer must inform Studio Snowpuppe of this within 5 working days. Any inaccuracies in the order confirmation sent to the customer by Studio Snowpuppe must be reported to Studio Snowpuppe by the customer within 24 hours of receipt of the order confirmation.

Delivery, prices and transport
3.1 All prices for the items offered include VAT and exclude shipping costs. The shipping costs are stated on the order confirmation. The buyer is obliged to take delivery of the purchased goods at the time they are delivered to him, or at the time they are made available to him in accordance with the agreement. If the buyer refuses to take delivery or is negligent in providing information or instructions necessary for the delivery, the goods will be stored at the buyer’s risk. In that case, the buyer will owe all additional costs, including in any case those of storage. If more than one item is ordered, the shipping costs will be calculated according to a weighted method and indicated in the order confirmation.

3.2 The prices and delivery conditions of an order placed are valid for 30 days. If the customer does not pay until after this period of 30 days, the prices and delivery conditions of the date on which Studio Snowpuppe receives the payment will apply.

3.3 The risk during the transport of the items ordered by the customer is for Studio Snowpuppe. Ownership of the delivered products only transfers if you have paid all that you owe Studio Snowpuppe under any agreement. The risk in respect of the products already passes to you at the time of delivery. The risk of any return shipment of the items is for the customer.

3.4 Studio Snowpuppe is allowed to deliver sold goods in parts. The seller shall immediately inform the buyer of the reason for partial delivery.

Terms of payment
4.1 The customer pays the amount stated on the order confirmation, stating the order number and the purchased item. Payment must be made to Studio Snowpuppe’s account within 10 days of the order date. After 30 days, the prices and terms of delivery expire.

Delivery times
5.1 The delivery times stated by Studio Snowpuppe are only indicative. Exceeding any delivery term does not entitle you to compensation, nor the right to cancel your order or to dissolve the agreement, unless the exceeding of the delivery term is such that you cannot reasonably be expected to maintain the agreement. In that case you are entitled to cancel the order or to dissolve the agreement insofar as this is necessary.

5.2 The delivery time stated with the articles starts as soon as Studio Snowpuppe has received payment from the customer.

5.3 If your order is in transit for more than 30 days, please contact us. There is probably a problem with the delivery.

Trial period
6.1 The customer is entitled to dissolve the purchase agreement with Studio Snowpuppe within 14 working days after receipt of the order. The customer must inform Studio Snowpuppe of this in writing (by letter or e-mail) within the aforementioned period, and return the order concerned to Studio Snowpuppe, unused, undamaged and complete. The total amount of the articles will be refunded to the customer’s account by Studio Snowpuppe within 10 working days after receipt of the return shipment. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, as is the risk of the return.

6.2 Studio Snowpuppe reserves the right to refuse returned items or not to credit the full amount if it is suspected that the item has already been used or damaged by the customer.

Warranties and Complaints
7.1 Upon delivery, the other party must immediately report visible shortages or damage, within 24 hours at the latest.

7.2 Within 10 days after receipt of the products – and immediately in the case of external defects – the buyer must, if applicable, accurately and in detail in writing to ”Studio Snowpuppe VOF” make his objections to the delivered goods known.

7.3 Without prejudice to the previous paragraph, the buyer is obliged to check the products delivered to him before putting them into use or having them used.

7.4 Return shipments of delivered products can only take place after approval by Studio Snowpuppe, whereby Studio Snowpuppe has the right to give instructions regarding the method of shipment.

7.5 Complaints can be addressed to: Studio Snowpuppe VOF, Lijnbaan 12, 3231 AE Brielle, 0031-(0)624509563 or

Right of intellectual property
8.1 Studio Snowpuppe has and retains all intellectual property rights that rest or can be established on the design.

8.2 It is not permitted to make use of the rights referred to in 8.1 in the broadest sense of the word without the permission of Studio Snowpuppe, including (but not limited to) making reproductions.

9.1 Studio Snowpuppe provides the customer with clear instructions for use in the form of texts on the website / web store and supplied user manual / online manuals. Studio Snowpuppe cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect use. Studio Snowpuppe cannot be held liable for damage as a result of the use of light bulbs or damage as a result of short circuits.

9.2 Studio Snowpuppe cannot be held liable for damage as a result of incorrect functioning of the means used for the lamps: fittings, cord, connectors, energy-saving lamp or LED lamp.

9.3 Studio Snowpuppe cannot be held liable for physical injury as a result of the use of resources used for the lamps: fittings, cord, connectors, energy-saving lamp or LED lamp.

9.4 Studio Snowpuppe cannot be held liable for consequential damage resulting from problems with electricity that was not supplied by us, but by another company.

10.1 The personal data provided by the customer will be included in the customer file by Studio Snowpuppe. These will be used for the purpose of assessing, entering into and executing the purchase agreement and managing the resulting relationships, conducting targeted marketing activities (if the customer has opted for this), combating fraud and complying with legal obligations.

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