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Origami lights to inspire
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Origami lights to inspire

Our inspiration

We are inspired by nature
We humans are not separate from nature, we are part of it.
As a result, people have the same special qualities as the rest of nature.
Nature is able to repair itself again and again with as few resources as possible and even improve itself over time.
In nature, nothing is superfluous, everything is necessary.
If nature is not overloaded, it is able to reproduce itself again and again, every second of the day.
Did you know that your own body is also constantly renewing itself?
At any given moment, your body’s cells are busy renewing themselves, allowing you to stay healthy.
Just like the rest of nature, your body is very smart.
You could see your body as a micro-earth, for which the same laws apply as planet earth.
Things only go wrong when we no longer believe in the power of nature and start trying to improve nature with solutions devised by humans.
In reality, we as humans will never be able to fully understand nature (and ourselves) and will never be able to create something as smart as nature.

Like E.F. Schumacher says in the video at the bottom of this page:
“As long as men behave as true to nature, as the other natural forces, this great wonderful thing nature will continue.
But if he will become too violent and too selfish, he will destroy the very basis of his own existence.”
That is why we want to stay as close to nature as possible in our designs.
And we hope that we will inspire other people to trust in nature as well.
We don’t necessarily have to save the planet, because in the end nature can do that best, even if nature has to endure a lot.
We would like to show how beautiful and powerful nature is and to bring other people into contact with it again.
We think that the need for artificial ‘solutions’ devised by people will then automatically decrease and the burden on nature will also decrease as a result.

In our designs we try to stay as close to nature as possible by not adding anything that would be superfluous and by working with natural materials such as wood and paper that can also be broken down by nature.
Moreover, materials that can be replenished again and again by nature, provided we treat these materials with respect.
We have nothing against plastic, but we have a preference for wood and paper for the products that we make in small numbers.
These are materials that are very nice to work with by hand.

We prefer to design products that can be made from as little material as possible and with as few operations as possible.
We like to keep the weight as light as possible and we prefer to design a product from 1 piece of material.
We often use techniques to make a 3d shape from a flat piece of material.
We like to come up with shapes and constructions that seem impossible at first glance, but in such a way that the construction is visible.

We have a love for products that are made entirely or partly by hand, because we believe that working with your hands and making things is one of the greatest privileges of a human being.
It is not for nothing that people are able to produce such special things with their hands.
That skill in combination with creativity makes people unique.
We think the best part of designing is making prototypes and puzzling with models until everything is just right.
We find looking, feeling and analyzing at the same time challenging and this helps us a lot in our design process.

We also try to keep the design close to nature by working exclusively with simple geometry and simple countable proportions.
If you look closely you will see that shapes in nature are often made up of simple logical proportions.
Because we humans are part of nature, we also instinctively feel that shapes that resemble what nature makes, are beautiful.
So if you, as a designer, base yourself on the geometry from nature, you automatically design a beautiful product.

With our products we hope to achieve that people relax, get a warm feeling inside and are inspired. 

One of our sources of inspiration is the economist E.F. Schumacher, who wrote the book ‘Small is beautiful, economics as if people matter’.
In the video below he explains the balance in nature.