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Origami lights to inspire
Studio Snowpuppe logo
Origami lights to inspire

Snowpuppe Friends

Snowpuppe likes to make friends. We enjoy working with other designers and manufacturers who also enjoy working with us.
Some of our designer and producer friends can be found here.

Martijn from Studio Tumult with the Thistle floor lamp

Studio Tumult

Handmade (wooden) furniture and interior design products. Made by a woodworker with passion, creating high quality handcrafted furniture from mainly oak and reclaimed wood.

All the designs are produced in Holland at Martijn’s carpentry shop, based in an old warehouse. This warehouse is part of a national monument located in a picture-perfect small Dutch fortified town called Brielle.

Sofie Boersting

Hi, my name is Sofie Boersting and I am a danish freelance illustrator and designer. I live with my daughter, husband and cat outside of Copenhagen near a beautiful lake.


Tas-ka was a Dutch design company by Jantien Baas en Hester Worst.

Edwin Pelser

Edwin Pelser’s design store can be characterized as a collection of tales. These stories are the manifestations of the vision and believe of designers. Their objects are innovative but respect traditions and harmony between nature and mankind.

Kids on roof

Kidsonroof was established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt (NL 68) and Ilya Yashkin (RUS 67). Together with their 3 kids and their little friends they manage a permanent test lab where new ideas keep coming up. A few weeks per year they go back to an oldfashioned simplicity when spending time in their little shed in the southern French mountains without electricity or running water.


Plasticarto is a die-cutter based in The Hague. Our specialization is die-cutting of graphic products. We can help with the sheet layout and take your print size into account. It is also possible to have a test die-cut or slab model made of the knife drawing. With more than 22 years of experience, we know most of the pitfalls that you can encounter as a graphic die-cutter.

By Marc de Groot

Marc de Groot has designed a method that offers many creative possibilities. It is like metal origami: when assembled the laser-cut components form a complex constellation that will surprise and astonish.

With the work he creates an atmosphere where the brightness of his mind becomes visible. His lamps form a natural calm in space combined with playful functionality.

In his Amsterdam based studio Marc focuses on the creation of light.
Simplicity, craftsmanship and eye for detail without losing the functional aspects.